NOTE d’Amor

  • Saturday 14 February Hours 20.30
  • Palazzo Pisani

The Divine Marchioness meets Casanova

Celebrating together, on Saturday grease both the most beautiful carnival in the world and the feast of love, is a rare and unique occasion.

In a sparkling and eccentric night inspired by the Roaring Twenties, which blends with playful irreverence ancient and modern, from the Renaissance evocations to the call for Deco art, Prince Maurice Agosti Durazzo in the role of Gabriele D’Annunzio organizes the Gala to bring together the Marchioness Maria Luisa Casati and Giacomo Casanova in a surreal event.
Going through the inside courts, the precious rooms with various tastings, but especially thanks to a soundtrack designed specifically to amplify emotions, all will contribute to entertain, excite and amaze those who, in love with a person or simply with love, desires gift give himself the best memory of his life.

A special nourishment will tickle your palate, with both aphrodisiac food and the music of love interpreted by the young talents of the music conservatory Benedetto Marcello of Venice in one of the most beautiful buildings of the Lagoon City, Ca' Pisani.

A new format, prestigious, and most of all a total immersion in the magic of the Carnival of Venice especially dedicated to those who want to appreciate and fully live the vocation to love in the most romantic city of the world accompanied by the greatest lover of all time, James Casanova in his meeting with Marchioness Casati.

Location:Located in the heart of Venice, in Campo Santo Stefano, one can also reach Pisani palace, home of the prestigious music conservatory Benedetto Marcello, arriving in launches from the Grand Canal ( We recommend this opportunity), this building is one of Venice’s most majestic and beautiful palaces, never used before for a Grand Gala carnival. Lucky the visitor who will be fascinated by the suggestion of its splendid rooms, entering a surreal dimension of music and emotions.

Once the ticket has been booked, a guide will be delivered with complete details of the event as well as the address and ways to reach the location.

Il Trailer:

Time Schedule:

-Welcome cocktail with finger food and entertainment: beginning at 8:30 pm
-Dinner show with music and live performances: beginning at10: 00 pm
-After dinner dance with open bar: beginning around 00:00 into the night

Cost of the evening:

1. Normal Ticket - side rooms - Prime Bookings: € 650.00
2. VIP Ticket - Imperial Hall - Early Booking: € 750.00
3. Normal Ticket - side rooms € 700.00
4. VIP Ticket - Imperial Hall - € 800.00
5. Late Dinner Buffet: € 300,00 (start time 10.00 p.m.)

info and booking: [email protected]


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